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Aluminum Plate 1000mm Length LED Rigid Bar Used for Light Box Light Lamp


1.DC12V, 12leds strip 13w, waterproof used for backlight light box
2.1meter length one pcs ,1led cutted point
3,use high brightness 1watt led 2835
4,easy to installing
  • HY-2835-12LEDS

  • DC12V

  • 13w

  • 160Degree

  • white color

  • IP65 with silicon gel

  • 3years

  • 160Degree


Aluminum Plate 1000mm Length LED Rigid Bar Used for Light Box Light Lamp

1. Tear 3M glue

There is a self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive on the back of each LED  light bar, which can be torn off directly when installing, and then fix the light bar in the installation position and stick it tightly by hand.

2. Cut the length of the LED bar at will

As for some places that need to be cut the length of the LED light bar is inconsistent. The circuit structure of the LED light bar is composed of 1 LEDs in series and parallel, and each1 LEDs can be welded or cut at will.

3. Fixing of flexible light bar

If it is installed outdoors, it will be easily affected by the outside world, which will affect its use. Over time, the decrease of 3M adhesive will cause the LED rigid bar to fall off, so fix it with a card slot. The place that needs to be connected and cut is the same as the indoor installation method, only need to be equipped with waterproof glue to strengthen the waterproof effect of the connection point.

4. Power supply for rigid light bar

The general voltage of the LED rigid light bar is DC 12V, so a power supply is required. The size of the power supply is calculated according to the length and power of the LED flexible light bar. You can also buy a high-power switching power supply as the main power supply, and connect all the LED flexible light bar input power in parallel, and the main switching power supply is used to supply power.

rigid bar 2

rigid 3

rigid 4

Application scenario:

rigid bar installing

rigid bar showing


Q: Which led chips are used in this type rigid bar?

A: 1watt  SMD3528 used for this type

Q:What Controller  for this type strip?

A: single color

Q:How many quantities module in one pcs ?


Q:How long can i get the sample?

A: need 3-5days to send sample.

Q: Do you have MOQ limit for order ?

A:Not limit the MOQ. just depend on clients demand.

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