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​Are single color LED neon lights safe?

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In recent years, fashionable and simple linear lights represented by single color LED neon lights have frequently emerged in various occasions. This kind of single color LED neon lighting products are based on simple linear lights and are constructed through creative design and free division of space. A variety of fashionable and simple shapes and light and shadow effects are presented, thus highlighting the ultimate beauty of linear lighting, and the future market prospects are very broad.

This passage is going to talk about the safety of single color LED neon lights:

What is a single color LED neon light?

Is the single color LED neon light safe?

Why is my single color LED neon light flickering?


(1) What is a single color LED neon light?

Now that you have found this article, it means that you are very interested in single color LED neon lights. First, let's briefly introduce what is a single color LED neon light.

The LED light bar is a slender tape strip with a miniature SMD chip that emits light.

single color LED neon lights are versatile and can be connected to almost any object, with a length between 1 meter and 5 meters. They can also be cut to a certain length to suit your needs, and equipped with waterproof casing, so you can use them in various positions. Most commonly, they are used for railings, under kitchen counters, bathrooms, behind home entertainment systems, and accent lighting.

single color LED neon lights 

(2) Is the single color LED neon light safe?

If you are worried about the safety of single color LED neon lights. I think this is completely unnecessary. As long as the single color LED neon light is installed correctly and used correctly, it is the same as other lamps and lanterns, it is completely safe and guaranteed.

If the single color LED neon light is installed and used correctly, it is as safe as any other electric light source. We always recommend that you consult the relevant electrician when installing a single color LED neon light for lighting.

The LED strip will not go wrong. LED lights are stylish, versatile and cost-effective. It provides a variety of bright colors. You can quickly and easily use the plug-and-play ribbon lighting kit and mains ribbon lighting. single color LED neon lights have all the advantages of LED lamps, you can choose with confidence.


(3) Single color LED neon light pollution problem

Residents often complain that the neon lights of surrounding hotels flicker all night, causing many residents to have trouble sleeping at night. For people living on the side of the road, there are all kinds of flashing neon lights facing the windows of his house, shining bright and dark in the living room and bedroom. After closing my eyes, I can still feel the light from the opposite side shining in front of my eyes. If the signboard installed in the hotel is higher than the building where the residents live, as long as it gets dark every day, the hotel’s rainbow light will be on. It will be red and green, and it will hit the residents’ windows. Some people may not be able to sleep, although thick curtains are hung, but it doesn't work at all.

It is not uncommon for the night lighting facilities of some hotels, shopping malls and entertainment venues to affect the rest of the surrounding residents. Therefore, when using neon light equipment, pay attention to the problem of light pollution, and can also save electricity, without having to keep the LED neon light on.


You don't have to worry about the safety of LED lamps. Because LEDs are not only environmentally friendly products, they are also helpful to the sustainable development of the earth. Moreover, the installation of single color LED neon lights is also very convenient, and the length and installation location can be flexibly adjusted. It is simply a must-have lamp for your home life. Imagine how wonderful it is to light up the single color LED neon lights to add more festive atmosphere to your home when you celebrate the holiday!

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