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DC12V 0.72W SMD 5054 White Led Module Light

1.DC12V 3led 5054 module, plastic house IP65 waterproof,
2. light beam angle 120Degree, 70*12mm size
3.cool white and other colors, high brightness, suitable for big light box.
4. 3M back tape sticker, 0.72watt power.
  • HY-3LED-5054
  • DC12V
  • 0.72W
  • 120Degree
  • white/red/green/blue/yellow
  • IP65
  • 3years
  • 120Degree
  • Details of DC12V Red White Green 5054 Led Module Light

  • feature:

  • 1)select and use TOP quanlity 5054 led chip source, without spot, low light decay, good consistency for backlight  module

  • 2)Products with low power consumption, high brightness, long life, low power 0.72w, maintenance-free

  • 3)The shell is made of injection molding technology, beautiful appearance,  good cooling effect

  • 4)IP65waterproof rating up above, this is advantage specification.

  • 5)Low voltage input, safe and reliable(DC12V)

  • 6)Cold white/red/blue/green/yellow single color 

  • 7)Module 20 units as a string, LED string and hybrid circuit using a single module can be cuted

  • Application scenario

  • 1)Advertising signs, illuminqted signs ,slim boxes, plastic characters. Etc

wire connect:



★Working current: 60mA,

★Power: 0.72W

★Brightness: 80-120LM

★Small luminous decay, high brightness, fast heat dissipation, zero luminous decay at 1000H; luminous decay less than 5% at 2000H.

★Theoretically, the angle is 180 degrees, but the actual angle is more than 150 degrees.

★Connecting wire: 1217 tinned copper wire, 1.85mm outer diameter,

★Cable length: 10cm.

★Installation matters: The power cord is connected to the loop, acid glass glue is strictly prohibited, and non-waterproof products should be protected against water.



Q: Which led chips are used in this type module?

A: 20Lumen  SMD 5054 used for this type

Q:What length of the cable for this type module?

A:normally 8cm length between two modules,  but we can make any length as clients request.

Q:How many quantities module in one string?

A:20Pcs & 50 pcs in normally.  also can make the quantity as clients request, but biggest quantity is 50 pcs.

Q:How long can i get the sample?

A: need 3-5days to send sample.

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