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DC12V 9Watt Blue Color Silicon Gel Led Neon Light

1.DC12V, 9Watt power for save life time, 6*12mm size, suitable for Slim font,
2.silicon gel tube , not easy to change yellow, and waterproof well, can be used in high temperature working environment
3.5meters one roll & 50meters one roll as request,
4.high lumen 22-24lumen 2835 led used, long life time for work.
  • HY-6*12mm-Neon
  • DC12V
  • 9w
  • 180Degree
  • white/red/green/blue
  • IP65
  • 3years
  • 180Degree
  • features: Blue color Led Neon with Silicon Gel Tube for Signature Style

  • select and use TOP2835 led light source, 9.6watt,without spot, low light decay, good consistency

  • Products with low power consumption, high brightness, long life, maintenance-free

  • use double side flexible PCB, silicon tube,6*12mm size,beautiful appearance,  good cooling effect

  • IP65 waterproof rating up above

  • Low voltage input, safe and reliable(DC12V)

  • 5METERS/ROLL,50meters /Roll 6leds one point can be cutted

  • Advertising signs, ill uminqted signs ,slim boxes, plastic characters. Etc







connect end cup:

612-6 安装


neon 附件


Q: Which led chips are used in this type module?

A: 22Lumen 120led SMD2835 used for this type

Q:What Controller  for this type strip?

A:every single color

Q:How many quantities module in one Roll?


Q:How long can i get the sample?

A: need 3-5days to send sample.

Q: Do you have MOQ limit for order ?

A:Not limit the MOQ. just depend on clients demand.

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