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Do LED backlight rigid bars damage walls?

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LED backlight rigid bars decorate the home or your shop, which can make your shop name look brighter and warmer. After choosing your favorite LED backlight rigid bar, how to fix it on the wall is the next problem to face.

Of course, nails to the wall are the simplest and rude way. But for most people, whether they are renting a house or their own home, it is difficult to make holes in their walls. You may worry that whether LED backlight rigid bars will damage walls or not.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of LED backlight rigid bars:

(1)Installation method of LED backlight rigid bar

(2)Use LED backlight rigid bar to decorate your home

(3)Features of LED backlight rigid bar


1)Installation method of LED backlight rigid bar

Introduce the installation method of LED backlight rigid bar with aluminum slot LED hard light bar.

Glue the corner directly to the corner of the cabinet, and then attach the light bar. The only thing that needs to be paid attention to may be the problem of which glue to use. For general customers to use corners, they can use glass glue.

For customers who cut corners, generally use shadowless glue when installing, and fill the entire light strip with shadowless glue. After installing the light strip, dry it in the sun or dry it with ultraviolet light.

Like U-slot counter light bars and counter light bars with reflector slots, no glue is required. Generally, the original plug clip is used when installing the U groove. Insert the plugs at both ends of the light bar, and the plugs have small screw holes, which can be directly screwed to fix the light bar on the template.

In addition, the matching rotation of the reflector groove is very different from the V groove corner. There are hooks on the corners of the reflector slot, no glue is needed during installation, and the corners can be directly hung on the glass. V slot is to install the light bar after the counter is completely finished. The reflector slot needs to be installed first, and then covered with a glass plate.

Of course, you don’t need a hook, which can be easily broken off by hand. Then apply glass glue like V-shaped light bar to install.

LED backlight rigid bars 

2)Use LED backlight rigid bar to decorate your home

Now that you understand that LED backlight rigid bars do not damage walls and can be used as beautiful decorative lights. So why not use it for home decoration.

At first, you will think this sounds like a tacky idea, usually only in the windows of bars and shops will have LED backlight rigid bars. But in fact, you can make LED backlight rigid bars work in an elegant way in your home, adding a unique style.

This is also a fairly simple way to create a brand-new look for your home. Generally speaking, LED backlight rigid bars can be hung up in just a few minutes. However, if you want to illuminate the entire room with LED backlight rigid bars, you may need the help of a professional decorator or electrician.


3)Features of LED backlight rigid bar 

Let me describe the LED backlight rigid bar.

It refers to the LED lamp beads and resistors installed on our aluminum substrate. To make it illuminate normally, we call it a hard light bar (commonly speaking, it is called LED hard light bar when the LED lamp beads are installed on a strip-shaped circuit board).

The general assembly process is: first brush solder pastes on the PCB copper foil. The LED lamp beads and resistors are pasted on the PCB board with solder paste through the SMT automatic placement machine. The LED lamp beads and resistance are soldered on the PCB board by a reflow soldering machine, and then a terminal wire is added on the top of the PCB board.

Test again, after the test is passed: split the board by the splitter (divide the light board into light bars). Finally, packaging. Through the above assembly process, a complete LED rigid light bar is completed.

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