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​Do single color LED neon lights damage walls?

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Single color LED neon lights decorate the home or your shop, which can make your shop name look brighter and warmer. After choosing your favorite single color LED neon light, how to fix it on the wall is the next problem to face.

Of course, nails to the wall are the simplest and rude way. But for most people, whether they are renting a house or their own home, it is difficult to make holes in their walls. You may worry that whether single color LED neon lights will damage walls or not.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of single color LED neon lights:

Use nano double-sided tape to hang single color LED neon light

Use magnetic walls to hang single color LED neon light

Use blue tack gum to hang single color LED neon light


(1) Use single color LED neon light to emphasize items

Neon lights will not damage the walls.

Another great use of single color LED neon light is to use them to emphasize items you already have at home. As you can see in the photo above, you can use neon style around the art on the wall, just like the red lights hanging on the wall. It really makes bright art more popular.

You can also use single color neon lights to increase the light emitted from under the main furniture. For example, the light emitted from under the stove in the picture above. People often put colored lights under the cabinets to make some distinctive lighting, why not try neon lights?

Single color LED neon lights 

(2) Use single color LED neon light to decorate your home

Now that you understand that neon lights do not damage walls and can be used as beautiful decorative lights. So why not use it for home decoration.

At first, you will think this sounds like a tacky idea, usually only in the windows of bars and tattoo shops will have neon lights. But in fact, you can make neon lights work in an elegant way in your home, adding a unique style. From emphasizing wall art and text art to more extreme uses, such as creating a futuristic playroom, you may be surprised to learn about the possibilities of neon lights in residential spaces.

This is also a fairly simple way to create a brand-new look for your home. Generally speaking, neon-style signs can be hung up in just a few minutes. However, if you want to illuminate the entire room with neon lights, you may need the help of a professional decorator or electrician.


(3) Use single color LED neon light to create future and interesting space

Neon lights will not damage the walls. On the contrary, through installation design, clever use will increase the indoor atmosphere.

A more complicated idea came from the game room. By adding neon vertical lighting, you can create a room with futuristic elements inside. The neon-colored game is a perfect game room. But it can also be used in artistic bedrooms and studies.

In order to realize this idea, you may also need to hire a professional decorator or electrician to connect the lighting correctly. Remember, neon lights that are properly installed and constructed must never heat up.

Believe me, when you realize the beauty of neon lights, you will want to invest in a higher quality of light life.


As a single color LED neon light for home decoration, it does not need to be as strong as the stage or street scene. It is more used as a decorative lighting to decorate the wall, no need to be too exaggerated, just a little bit can bring a unique effect to the home. Through neon lights, you can express your thoughts to your heart's content, and shout out your inner voice through such an "artwork". In fact, whether it is dark or dawn, the LED neon lights remind you, who is interesting, to live a good life.

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