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How to choose LED backlight module?

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Nowadays, LED backlight modules have become one of the choices of many light-emitting appliances, and the number of businesses selling LEDs on the market is also increasing. However, it is precisely because of this that which LED backlight module is better to choose among many consumers’ friends A big purchase doubt in my mind. Continue reading this article to learn more about choosing the most suitable LED backlight module.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of choosing the most suitable LED backlight module:

(1)Choose LED backlight module from appearance

(2)Choose LED backlight module according to the temperature generated during work

(3)Check the startup performance and interference of the LED backlight module


(1)Choose LED backlight module from appearance

You can judge whether to choose the LED backlight mold by the appearance of the LED backlight mold.

When choosing an LED backlight, you can make a rough judgment from the appearance, because generally speaking, the plastic shell of the lamp has to choose the kind of engineering plastic flame retardant. Ordinary plastic has potential disadvantages such as easy deformation and flammability, so it is prohibited Used in the production of energy-saving lamps. The two materials can be easily distinguished from the surface, the latter has a smoother and shiny surface, and the former has a texture similar to frosted glass.


(2)Choose LED backlight module according to the temperature generated during work

You can test the temperature of the LED backlight mold at work to judge that the LED value is not worth your choice.

Due to the low energy consumption of LED backlight, according to common sense, the temperature rise of LED backlight LED should be very low under normal working conditions, and for household appliances, excessive temperature usually affects its normal life. When purchasing, you can directly plug in the electricity and touch it to check whether the temperature is reasonable. Generally speaking, LED backlight modules with moderate temperature are better.

LED backlight modules 

(3)Check the startup performance and interference of the LED backlight module

There are also two tips for choosing LED backlight modules. Respectively, check the startup performance of the backlight module and whether it is easily affected by shortwave electromagnetic.

A good LED backlight has two very prominent characteristics when it is started. One is that the higher the temperature, the easier it is to start, and the other is that the light will not flash when it is turned off. Therefore, the editor recommends that consumers and friends can also activate it when actually purchasing, and then observe whether its performance is good according to its characteristics.

Pay attention to whether there is a mark on the package that has passed the relevant electromagnetic compatibility test. Or bring a short- and medium-wave radio. When the lamp is working, place the radio nearby. The lower the noise emitted by the medium and short-wave radio, the better the electromagnetic compatibility of the lamp under test.


The above is the tips for selecting LED backlight module for everyone. I hope that it will be helpful to all consumers and friends in the actual purchase. In fact, it is not difficult to buy a high-performance LED backlight module, but you need to pay more attention to some small details when buying, and plug it in to get the actual experience. If you are interested in our LED backlight module, you can also contact us.

Finally, everyone should pay attention to both brand and performance when buying LED backlight modules. I hope my above article can help you, so that you can buy a comfortable and healthy LED backlight module.

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