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How to connect LED backlight modules?

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Only by correctly connecting the LED module and the transformer power supply can your LED signage letter or LED light box emit light and become a stable light source. There are also some very basic steps to follow when connecting the LED module to the transformer. Please follow the steps below to extend the service life of your LED module and driver.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of connecting LED backlight module:

(1)Steps to install LED backlight modules

(2)Warning for installing the LED backlight module

(3)Ways to check your LED backlight module installation


(1)Steps to install LED backlight modules

You can install the LED module as the following steps.

Step 1

Clean the letters with non-petroleum products and let them dry. Arrange the LED module chain within the letter.

Step 2

Peel off the M tape backing and place the LED module in the desired position. Use the area on the SMD LED module other than the LED to apply pressure. If necessary, use pan-head metal plate screws or rivets to fix the backlight module.

Step 3

Use connectors, butt joints or wire nuts to establish connections between LED bar modules. You can cut or connect wires between any LED sign modules. LED light modules can be arranged in series or in parallel. Generally recommended in series.

Step 4

Use a wire nut and non-aqueous silicone to cover the open wire end to prevent the connection from touching the sign.

Step 5

Drill access holes where the power cord is needed. Generally, connect the red wire of the power supply to the red wire of the LED light bar module. Connect the black power wire to the white wire on the LED strip module. The link must be correct according to the instructions, otherwise the light may not light up.

LED backlight module 

(2)Warning for installing the LED backlight module

Some precautions for installing LED molds are as follows.

Do not cross the wires. Always connect the positive pole to the positive pole and the negative pole to the negative pole. If you don't do this, the LED module associated with the cross will not work properly!

Each LED module essentially has two wires (+&) and two wires (+8); it does not matter whether the current flows through the module from left to right or from right to left. The consumables of the most popular module modules provided by LED signs have a common color. Gray is positive and white is negative. Load the transformer to about 80% of the maximum rated load. Loading a transformer that is less than or more than 80% of the rated power of the transformer may shorten the life of the LED power supply, and excessive or excessive work will limit the life of the transformer.


(3)Ways to check your LED backlight module installation

There are some ways to check your LED module installation.

Make sure that the circuit breaker power is turned on. Make sure that the power cord between the power supply and the LED strip and the connection between the power supply are correct. Use a voltmeter to supply power. Check the output, the output should follow the instructions. Check the connection and polarity between the power supply and the power supply. The polarity between the LED strip, the connector and the LED strip. If all other LED modules are working, please replace the cross block. If the modules are parallel, if one module fails, it will not cause other modules to fail. Make sure that the number of modules used does not exceed the recommended number. Secure all loose modules. Bundle all the wires above the LED module. Secure all loose modules. If you use a stand-alone power supply, make sure that the distance between the modules is at least 2 inches.

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