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How to connect single color LED strip lights?

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How to install and connect the single color LED strip to the power supply?

First, let us take a look at the basic theory of installation step by step so that we can understand the wiring relationship between single color LED strip lights, LED power supplies and LED strip controllers, and install the strip lights.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of connecting single color LED strip lights:

Connecting an LED strip light to a power source

Connect a LED strip to a power adapter

How to adjust the color of single color LED strip lights?

How to connect single color LED strip lights together?


Connecting an LED strip light to a power source

A method of connecting an single color LED strip light to a power source.

A simple installation will require an LED strip, a suitable power source, and in some cases LED wires. Connect one end of the power supply to a low-voltage 12V LED strip or 24V LED strip, and the other end to a 110V household electricity. The power supply should provide suitable voltage and sufficient amperage for the strip light.

When connecting the power supply to the strip light, be sure to pay attention to the polarity (+, -). Connection between wrong polarity may damage the LED. The 12V and 24V LED bar lights are not direct bar lights. Do not connect them directly to a 110V power supply.

single color LED strip lights


Connect a single color LED strip light to a power adapter

The method of connecting two LED strip lights to a power adapter is as follows.

One power adapter can power two strip lights. You only need a two-way power distributor to connect to two strip lights. Please note that the power of the strip light cannot exceed the output of the LED strip light adapter. The power adapter is usually less than 120W. Therefore, each strip light can be up to 50W.


How to adjust the color of single color LED strip lights?

Use the LED dimmer to install the single color strip light to adjust the color.

To adjust the brightness of a single-color LED strip light, you need to use an LED dimmer, which is located between the strip light and the power supply. Single-color strip lights include white, red, green, blue, ultraviolet black, etc.

LED dimmers are sometimes called LED switch controllers. Most controllers can be operated by remote control. Some controllers also have control buttons or keys. As usual, for strip lights, the right voltage and maximum amperage are important.


How to connect single color LED strip lights together?

Connect the linkable single color LED light strip light, which is mainly used to make a 90-degree turn or directly connect the light strip. The 90-degree turn connection is usually used for corner installation.

1. Fast solderless LED connector. You can use a solderless connector to quickly connect the single color LED strip light. To strip the connector using the LED strip:

Release the lock pad on the connector.

Peel off a small part of the release liner film of the 3M tape on the back of the strip light.

Insert the end of the light strip into the connector, making sure that the copper pad of the strip wire is connected to the conductor pin of the connector.

Close the lock pad to fix the connection between the slat and the connector.

2. Repeat the above steps to connect another strap to the other end of the connector. Please ensure that the polarity matches the light strip and connector correctly. Wrong polarity connection will damage the light strip and connector.

3. If the light strip needs to turn, do not twist the LED light strip. If you encounter trouble when turning, it is best to cut off the strip light and use a flat and short LED connector for turning connection.

4. Sometimes it is necessary to solder to connect the slights together, especially when it is difficult to use solderless connectors.

When no suitable connector is found, professional connection can be made by welding. The solder connection is more beautiful.

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