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How to fix LED backlight rigid bars?

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LED strip lights (also called LED tape lights or LED strip lights) are known for their compact size and flexibility. High-efficiency LED backlight rigid bars are available in various lengths. The LED backlight rigid bar has many functions, making it easy to use in various situations. This article will introduce more about fixing LED backlight rigid bars.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of fixing LED backlight rigid bars:

(1)Precautions before fixation

(2)Choosing the best color for your LED backlight rigid bar

(3)Using proper tools to fix your LED backlight rigid bar


(1)Precautions before fixation

Remember that LED strip density is the same as brightness. The density of the LED backlight rigid bar indicates how many LEDs there are in a set area. For LED flexible strips, the density is measured in units of "LEDs per meter". The standard density has 30 LEDs/M, and the high density has 60 LEDs/M. A higher density strip equals higher quality, brighter light. The following table shows the difference between standard strips and high-density strips. Pay attention to the difference in lumen output and each cutting length and maximum stroke.

Lumen is a measure of the brightness perceived by the human eye. Because of the lighting of incandescent lamps, most of us use watts to measure the brightness of the lamp. For LEDs, lumen is the new standard for describing light output. Lumen output is one of the most important parts of choosing a LED backlight rigid bar because it will determine the type of light you will receive. When comparing the brightness of LED backlight rigid bars, please pay attention to the way of tracking lumens.


(2)Choosing the best color for your LED backlight rigid bar

Which color should I choose when choosing a LED backlight rigid bar? Notice how the color temperature of the strip light affects the appearance of the entire room. In fact, it all depends on personal preference and overall style, and how you want the room to exude.

The warm white LED backlight rigid bar can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It is usually used in rooms where everyone gathers to visit or relax (living room, bedroom, dining room, etc.).

Neutral or natural white LED backlight rigid bars can produce natural daylight effects. This is the best seller because it imitates natural light and can be used comfortably anywhere in the home.

The cool white LED backlight rigid bar complements the modern and modern styles, emitting a bright and fresh light. Cool white is very suitable for task lighting because it is a brighter and more concentrated light source. Bright, cool colors are used most in bathrooms, kitchens and work spaces.


(3)Using proper tools to fix your LED backlight rigid bar

You can use tape or mounting bracket to fix your LED backlight rigid bar.

The adhesive on the single light LED strip light is very helpful for fixation, but sometimes more is needed. Like most adhesives, it does not adhere well to certain surfaces and may need to be strengthened over time. In these cases, use one of the following methods:

Additional tape-3M tape placed on the surface before the strip to double the adhesion.

LED light bar mounting clip-light bar mounting bracket

For those who need professional trimming, mounting rails are another good choice. These aluminum profiles can hold your light bar and have everything needed for installation. The LED strips are adhered to the bottom of the track by an anti-ultraviolet lens, which slides on the top to diffuse light.

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