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How to fix single color LED neon lights?

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Single color LED neon lights have high practical value and appreciation value in modern decoration. Can produce noble, gorgeous, beautiful and pleasing advertisements. Moderate cost, many varieties, and durability, so it is widely used.


(1) Precautions before fixation

(2) Points to note when installing single color LED neon lights

(3) Consider environment issues when fixing a single color LED neon light


(1) Precautions before fixation

Some warnings first!

Single color LED neon light transformers usually have an output of 4,000-12,000 volts. Yes, that is enough to kill you, at least it will knock you down. To make matters worse, you might jump open and break another tube on your sign, and you know how painful it is. With a little attention, you need to be very careful in this process.

Neon tubes are very fragile and you should treat them like a bomb! Once you let go, it may break. Okay, it won't kill you, but you may break another tube or break your hand.

So please do not plug in when installing.


(2) Points to note when installing single color LED neon lights

Usually, the capacity of each single color LED neon light transformer is calculated at 450VA. The control switches and wires used must meet this capacity standard.

Neon lamp transformers should be installed as close to the rainbow lamp tube as possible. In order to shorten the high-voltage wiring; but cannot be installed around flammable products.

The neon lamp transformer can be installed indoors or outdoors but must be installed in a metal protective box. The cabinet should be waterproof and rain-proof, and louvers should be opened on both sides for ventilation and heat dissipation.

The power input of the neon lamp transformer should be controlled by a knife switch and protected by a fuse. The iron core, metal shell, one end of the output terminal and the protection box of the neon lamp transformer must be reliably grounded.

The height of the neon lamp tubes and transformers installed outdoors should not be less than 4m from the ground, and the distance from the terrace, balcony windows and overhead lines at least 1m.

The height of neon lights installed indoors should not be less than 2.5m; when it is less than 2.5m, barriers should be installed to protect the neon lights installed in suspension should be hung with galvanized iron wire or chain.

The wires of the neon high-voltage loop should use high-voltage insulated wires, or when the bare copper wires pass through the building through the glass tube, the double-layer glass tube must be worn to strengthen the insulation. 50~80m.

The distance between high-voltage wires or between the high-voltage wires and the laying surface shall not be less than 50m.


(3) Consider environment issues when fixing a single color LED neon light 

In short, you also need to consider many more environmental issues.

Need to consider the direction of the sun. Pay attention to the natural climate and surrounding environment. Consider the number and ease of installation. During construction and installation, attention should be paid to the site survey first, and then cooperate with the installation. Consider on-site cleaning and aftercare. The installation must be firm. Pay attention to the power source and the power load. The structure should be stable, especially whether the bearing capacity of the focus point is sufficient. If necessary, reserve a working space for maintenance and repair, and change the problem immediately when most of the installation is completed. In order to perfect the effect of the LED neon sign on the advertising box, the design and construction personnel must consider these issues in advance.



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