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How to install single color LED neon lights?

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Many people don't understand the installation of led linear lights, and they are unable to find some installation methods. Our neon sign is as easy to install as hanging a picture-a picture will glow when plugged into a power source. So how to install nice neon lights? When using neon lights to stick to any custom signs, you will have the opportunity to install by yourself. In order to solve the confusion of these people, this article will specifically introduce some basic single color LED neon lights installation common sense.


Neon structure

Installation methods

Connect the sign to the light switch


Neon structure

A brief understanding of the structure of neon lights before installation will help. Neon lights are composed of light tubes and high-voltage transformers. The lamp tube is composed of a glass tube and an electrode chamber. The electrode chamber is composed of electrodes, mica sheets (or ceramic rings) and electrode leads. The glass tube is filled with working gas, and the inner wall of the glass tube is coated with fluorescent powder. There are two types of high-voltage transformers: magnetic leakage transformers and electronic transformers. They are essential components for igniting neon tubes.

A complete set of neon lights generally consists of the following parts: glass tube, electrode tip, and transformer. The glass tube is divided into: exposed tube and powder tube. Bright tube: that is, a transparent glass tube. Powder tube: The manufacturer coats powder of various colors in the exposed tube, and only adds mercury to vacuum during processing. The electrode head is composed of a small cone made of copper or steel, and a copper wire or a bunch of high-voltage wires is fixed at the tip. Cover a glass tube. One end is melted with high fire to form a whole body with the copper wire, and there should be no pores. The other end is used to fix on the already formed lamp. The neon light leakage transformer (also known as inductance transformer, iron core transformer) is characterized by good reliability, high brightness of the load tube, bright color and long life. The advantages of the electronic transformer (neon power supply) are: light weight, convenient manufacturing and saving metal materials.


Installation methods

How to install LED neon lights with our mounting screws? This requires practice but is easy to master. Mounting screws are very suitable for surface mounting such as walls-this is the most common mounting method. Here are the specific steps.

Step 1:

Just take your sign and lay it flat on the expected wall or space (if it is too long or too heavy, please ask a friend for help).

Step 2:

When a person is holding a sign, use a marker to drill holes in the wall with mounting holes on the acrylic backing-this will be very useful the next time you drill the drill.

Step 3:

Put the sign back in the box or on a safe surface to avoid scratching the acrylic backing-equip the drill bit with a twist drill bit and use a marker pen to precisely drill pilot holes on the marked points on the wall in step 2.

Step 4:

Pick up the mounting pin and loosen it. Use the longer hollow base of the mounting pin and place it on the pilot hole drilled earlier, passing the smaller silver fixing screw through the hollow entrance. Now, using a new screwdriver bit, pass the small silver fixing screw directly through the hollow base, and then screw it into the wall to fix the hollow base to the wall. Do this until all hollow bases are fixed to the wall.

Step 5:

Now, align your logo with these fiducials and hope you have aligned them correctly. Then, just grab the remaining wider screws and screw them into each base that secures the sign to the wall-make sure they are firm!

Step 6:

Now you are basically done! Finally, insert the sign into the transformer (black box), and then into the wall, it should be no problem.


Connect the sign to the light switch

Yes, of course you can!

This is not only conducive to using the light switch to control the sign more simply, but also can make the power cord not hang down, making the appearance tidier.

We strongly recommend electricians to perform this operation-we provide electrical contractors with contractors who can help you with this operation. You can contact us for related installation matters.

Neon lights are generally 12 volts (some RGB sign neon lights are 24 volts), and electricians are easy to install. In most cases, hard-wiring the signs requires a cavity behind the wall accessible to the electrician-this is very important, otherwise it is difficult to hard-wire the signs.


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