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What are LED backlight rigid bars?

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With the advancement of technology and the change of lifestyle, everyone wants to enjoy a movie-like experience at home, office or any entertainment venue. Rigid LED lights come in aluminum and printed circuit board (PCB) styles. These linear LED strips can be used in many home and commercial applications, such as under-cabinet lighting, workbench lighting, display cabinet lighting and showcase lighting. They are available in various strengths and colors, and provide plug-and-play or pigtail connectors.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of fixing LED backlight rigid bars:

(1)What is a LED backlight rigid bar?

(2)What will determine the quality of LED backlight rigid bars?

(3)How to connect LED backlight rigid bar?

(1)What is a LED backlight rigid bar?

LED strip light is a new and versatile form of lighting. There are many variations and exceptions, but in most cases, they have the following characteristics.

It consists of many single LED emitters mounted on a narrow, flexible circuit board. Generally use low voltage DC power supply.

General LED backlight rigid bars provide a variety of fixed and variable colors and brightness.

The difference between the LED backlight rigid bar and the LED backlight flexible strip is that it cannot be bent. Generally, the aluminum alloy shell is used as the outer protection device of the lamp.


(2)What will determine the quality of LED backlight rigid bars?

Sometimes, it is necessary to distinguish between RGB colors LED light strips designed for high performance and long life and those not designed for high performance and long life. Here are some pointers that know where to look.

The composition and quality of the circuit board-For higher power LED strip lights, the quality and specifications of the bottom circuit board are critical. Since high current must flow in each part, sufficient copper material is required. Look for LED strips with copper bars weighing at least 2 ounces (ideally 4 ounces) to ensure that the board can withstand higher power; otherwise, you may become a victim of voltage drops.

The number and quality of LEDs-The efficiency, quality and stability of the light output are directly determined by the LED emitter. Look for LED strips with strict quality control and specifications on the LED transmitter, and pay attention to LED backlight rigid bars that claim high power despite the small number of LEDs, because this may indicate that the LED transmitter is over-driven and causes premature failure.

LED strip surface-High-quality LED strips usually contain an additional white paint coating to help increase light reflectivity and increase overall light output. The lower cost LED strip option will skip this step to keep the copper color exposed. This will affect the brightness and color of the light, especially in aluminum channel installations.


(3)How to connect LED backlight rigid bar?

Each LED backlight rigid bar segment must be connected to a DC power supply, or another LED strip segment must be connected to a DC power supply (daisy chain). The connection method depends on the type of wire or plug attached to the LED backlight rigid bar, and whether the DC power supply includes a plug. If you are familiar and familiar with welding, you can usually provide the most cost-effective and flexible solution.

Not sure how to deal with or don't want to deal with solder? You can also use solderless connector accessories to connect LED strip segments to power supplies and other LED strip segments.


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