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What are the types of LED backlight module?

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Generally speaking, according to the light source type of LED backlight modules, there are many types. Modules are divided into major categories: cold punching modules, plastic modules, die-casting modules, rubber modules, forging modules, sand foundry modules, ceramic modules, etc. Not only that from each type of module can also be subdivided. Cold punching modules can be divided into: punching and blanking, blanking stretching, bending, flanging, stretching, indentation, deformation, etc.; plastic modules can be divided into: injection modules, blow modules, blister modules, Compression molding, extrusion molding, low foam molding combined plastic modules, etc. Do you have similar questions about LED backlight modules? The followings are some introductions to the classification of LED backlight modules.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of the types of LED backlight module:

(1)Waterproof LED backlight module

(2) Typical LED back module types on the market

(3)The principle of LED backlight module generating light


(1)Waterproof LED backlight module

Advantages of the waterproof LED backlight module is waterproof. What are these waterproof modules and what is the difference?

It can achieve overall waterproofing better than ordinary glue-filled LED modules. However, the overall waterproof requirements for LED backlight modules and details will be higher, and the preliminary design is more laborious.

The structural waterproof LED backlight should be placed in the place where the tightness is insufficient, and the labor and consumables for filling the glue will be greater.

There are many places after the glue is not conducive to the warranty, and the disassembly and assembly are very troublesome. If the structure is waterproof, just remove the screws. Our light bar uses a silicon main body, which is better than PVC main body, has good moisture resistance, and will not turn yellow after long-term use.

LED backlight modules 

(2)Typical LED back module types on the market

What are the typical LED module types on the market?

LED backlight modules may come in the following forms: prefabricated on-board chips, which can be used by lamp manufacturers to design heat sinks and installation conditions for specific applications.

On-board chip with optical lens or diffuser, as a prefab with or without integrated heat sink. The luminaire manufacturer can integrate it into the luminaire.

Retrofit bulbs to replace older (halogen) technology. It comes with an integrated radiator and standard lamp holder, which can be installed directly into existing lamps with standard lamp holders.

Prefabricated luminaires with integrated LED light sources and heat sinks, and luminaire housings provided in the form of seals. The drive can be integrated in the housing or remote.


(3)The principle of LED backlight module generating light

Light-emitting diodes generate light through the movement of electrons between the two terminals of the diode, which movement occurs through a process called electroluminescence. When the light-emitting diode is electrically connected, electrons begin to move at the junction of the N-type and P-type semiconductors in the diode. When there is an electronic transition at the p-n junction, the electron loses part of its energy. In conventional diodes, this energy loss is in the form of heat. However, in LED, certain types of N and P conductors generate photons (light) instead of heat. The amount of energy lost determines the color of the light produced. This lighting method allows the LED backlight template to save energy and have a long life.

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