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What are the types of single color LED neon lights?

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When night falls, the buildings on the streets are lit up with colorful neon lights. Almost every city’s downtown is full of neon signs, and Times Square in New York City is famous for its neon luxury. In recent decades, architects, artists, and logo designers have often used neon lighting as an integral part of their works. The followings are some introductions to the classification of single color LED neon lights.


(1) Definition of neon light

(2) Simple classification of neon lights

(3) Neon light application


(1) Definition of neon light

What is a neon light and why is it called a neon light?

Neon lights are colored lights used to attract customers or decorate night scenes at night. Neon is the transliteration of English NEON. Neon: the original meaning refers to a natural phenomenon, and the clouds show colorful brilliance in the sky. Rainbow: The original intention is also a natural phenomenon, that is, a rainbow, which is also colorful. Neon lights are widely used in the construction of modern cities.

Neon lamp is a special low-pressure cold cathode glow discharge electric light source, which contains low-pressure neon gas or other inert gas, and produces orange-red light through the tube with weak direct current or alternating current. In the neon lamp excited by alternating current, both electrodes will produce light, while the neon lamp excited by direct current will only produce light.


(2) Simple classification of neon lights

The following are some classifications of neon lights according to different aspects.

1. According to the specifications of neon light materials, it can be divided into: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm and other different thickness specifications.

2. According to the different materials coated with fluorescent powder in the neon tube, it can be divided into: ordinary fluorescent powder and three primary color fluorescent powder.

At present, many neon tubes are sprayed with ordinary phosphors, which are relatively cheap, and can basically meet the requirements for various colors. Tri-color phosphors, also called rare earth phosphors, have better brightness, chroma and freshness than ordinary phosphors.

3. According to the different glass materials, it can be divided into: soda glass tube, lead glass tube, and colored glass tube.

4. According to the different spraying phosphor technology, it can be divided into water coating and glue coating. The water coating process is to spray alcohol and ketone solvent mixed phosphor powder on the inner wall of the lamp tube, and then place it to dry naturally. The glue coating process uses glue liquid mixed with fluorescent powder for spraying, and then uses an oven for drying. Its viscosity and firmness are much better than water-coated powder tubes.


(3) Neon light application

Here are some unique neon light applications.

Neon print

It's very simple, you can choose the print you like, and then we attach a neon tube design to complement it and really make the design come alive. This presents a fantastic contemporary and colorful style, and allows you to add your own patterns to your favorite prints.

By combining these two styles together, you can create an impressive original neon sign, which becomes an eye-catching mural whether you are at home or in the workplace. The neon prints we provide can be hung immediately, just plug them into a power outlet!


Neon Infinite Box

The neon infinite box provides clever visual effects by forming the neon tube into the shape you choose multiple times. Then, the eyes were deceived, thinking that the neon light design never ends.

These products are great for getting real attention and are sensational in any bar or cocktail party. Or, install them on the wall in your home so you can chat with friends and family. The difference is that our neon infinity box is unusual and unique.


Neon mirror box

For those who are a little low-key, a neon mirror box may be a more suitable choice. The laser is used to etch the design onto the mirror, which makes the design look quite eye-catching because the design looks quite eye-catching with the mirror background.

The neon mirror box can be installed almost anywhere and is a great gift for someone. They bring a stylish feel to any restaurant, reception or bar area.

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