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What is a single color LED strip light?

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Strip light is another name for strip light, which is also named for its shape. Just like the Chinese hieroglyphs, they are derived from their shapes and their related materials. There are also similar names like Great Wall strip light, LED strip light, LED soft strip light, FPC strip light, etc.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of single color LED strip light:

(1)Application of LED strip lights

(2)What is a flexible LED strip light?

(3)Features of LED strip lights


(1)Application of LED strip lights

LED strip lights are used in many places.

LED strip light is a kind of lamp that has only emerged in recent years, and it was first used for home lighting. Many people buy it home and install it in the mezzanine of the ceiling or on the indoor wall skirt. Because the current LED light strips are in many colors and can be controlled by an official, they play a role of decoration and set off the environment. Most are just for viewing.

As mentioned above, the LED light is a flashing multi-color light fixture, so it can be seen clearly from a long distance, so now many road warning-signs and engineering warning signs are made of LED light strips. People can see effective measures taken far away from the construction site. Therefore, in the field of warning signs, LED strip lights have played a very important role.

In some performances, we will often see the use of LED light strips. Because of its low price and a good effect on the stage, many stage performances now use LED light strips as part of the stage lights. It is a new way of using.

Many friends who have private cars at home may know that many cars now have a multicolored flashlight installed in the headlights or rear taillights. This is the car LED strip light. Its function is to play a decorative effect. There are certain warning lights.

LED strip light


(2)What is a flexible LED strip light?

The flexible LED strip light uses FPC as the assembly circuit board, and uses the high-brightness LED of the chip package (SMD) as the light source. Every 3 lights can make into a unit, and every 50 cm is a large length unit. The thickness of this product is only the thickness of a coin does not take up space. The flexible LED strip light can be cut at will, or it can be extended at will without affecting the light emission. Because the FPC material used is soft, it can be bent, folded, and wound arbitrarily, and can be moved and stretched and broken freely in three-dimensional space; it is suitable for irregular places and places with small spaces, and because it can be bent and wound arbitrarily, Suitable for arbitrarily combining various patterns in advertisements and other decorations. It is DC 12V power supply, low power consumption, silicone potting, bright luminous color, uniform color mixing, not easy to damage, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, and simple installation. It can be said to be another pioneering work in the LED series.


(3)Features of LED strip lights

As an environmentally advanced light source, what are the characteristics of LED?

LED is a cold light source with low heat generation and no heat radiation to the displayed goods. LED strip light is a green environmental protection lighting source, does not produce harmful ultraviolet light, especially suitable for cultural relics, medicine display lighting. LED lamps are highly energy-saving, more than 65% energy-saving than fluorescent lamps. They can have a long service life, and can be used for 10 years in one installation. LED strip lights are used to illuminate gold and silver jewelry, watches, etc., which are more brilliant. Low voltage work, safe and reliable to use. LED strip lights are waterproof and shockproof; low loss and long life.

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