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What is the difference between single color LED strip light and single color LED neon light?

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LED strip light is roughly divided into two types: single color LED strip light with a fixed color and Single color LED neon light. The latter can produce a variety of colors. But do you really know the difference between single color LED strip light and RGB colors LED strip light?


what is single color LED strip lights?

what is single color LED neon lights?

Features of single color LED neon lights


(1)  what is single color LED strip lights?

Single color LED strip lights are most suitable for indirect lighting.

You can hide them so that the LED strips and highlights themselves remain hidden. If you can see the bright spots, the beautiful effect of indirect lighting will disappear immediately. Single color LED strip lights are widely used in coves and hotels, and the effect is very good. The LED strips are placed hidden from the sight of the cove, creating beautiful lighting effects from invisible light sources. Because the LED strip contains many light spots per meter, the light distribution is uniform and will not be blocked as when using TL. You can also use LED strips in many places in the kitchen. For example, as indirect lighting for countertops or lighting in and under cabinets. Usually, a combination of white, cool white, blue and red LED strips is used for aquarium lighting. Blue and cool white are very suitable for night lighting, and white is very suitable for daytime lighting. But you have to make sure to use waterproof LED strips or LED strips!


(2) what is single color LED neon lights?

Single color LED neon light, luminous characters is a noble professional linear lighting decoration product. It looks like an ordinary neon light, but it can be bent arbitrarily. This product is shatter-resistant and waterproof, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Low power consumption: LED neon lights consume much less power than ordinary neon lights and incandescent lights.

Uniform luminescence: The borderless character lamp is slightly encrypted, and the bottom box is painted with white paint, and the luminescence is more even than other luminous characters.

Strong resistance: It has strong anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet, anti-acid rain, so it is very suitable for outdoor use.

Simple maintenance: easy maintenance for damaged LEDs or components.

Applicable scenarios: It can be applied to various door signs/logos such as service industries, shopping malls, stations, hospitals, stores, and corporate doors.


(3) Features of single color LED neon lights

The luminous characters of the LED tube are completely bent by soft neon lights, with LED lights inside.

Because the neon luminous characters are curved, the shape can be customized at will, and the effect of the design drawing can be more present. The soft neon light of the LED tube luminous characters is arc-shaped, without sharp corners, and looks more comfortable.

The neon luminous characters use low-voltage led lights, which consume less power and have a long service life.

The LED tube luminous characters glow for a long time without generating high heat.

The light is uniform, the color is diverse, and the color change of gradation and jump can be realized. And easy to transport.


Compared with traditional neon lights, single-color LED neon lights can save more than 80% of electricity under the same light-emitting area and display function. The electricity bills saved by users for one year can be recovered for the investment in installing new neon lights.

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