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What scenarios are LED backlight modules used in?

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LED backlight module light boxes are the first choice for large advertising light boxes. Whether it is outdoor building advertisements, airport light box advertisements, subway high-speed rail advertising light boxes, or small indoor specialty store advertising light boxes, it can be said that 50% of the night scenes in first-tier cities are made of light boxes and Luminous character composition. With the development of LED backlight modules and the technological advancement of light box soft film sealing equipment, LED backlight modules have become more and more popular in the market. This article will briefly introduce the conditions under which LED backlight modules can be used.

This passage is going to talk about the following questions of a LED backlight module:

(1)What is a LED light box?

(2)Main application areas of LED backlight modules



(1)What is a LED light box?

At night in the metropolis, you will see a variety of colorful neon lights, billboards, light boxes and luminous characters. Most of them are light from LED backlight modules.

The name LED light box is very general. Some electronic light boxes are also called LED light boxes. It is an ultra-thin light box that is connected in series with LED lights or modules to produce light flashing effects. LED lights are generally used in crystal light boxes. The outside of the general electronic light box signboard is glued on the aluminum-plastic board with a layer of outdoor photo car stickers. The aluminum-plastic plate is made by perforating each individual LED lamp in series according to the pattern. The picture inside the ultra-thin light box crystal light box is a photo light box film. The light box sheet has a high material transmittance and can show the light of the LED backlight template.

LED backlight module 

(2)Maintenance of light box and LED backlight mold

Light boxes are widely used by many merchants because of their beautiful appearance and strong advertising effect. However, the maintenance of the light boxes has become a big problem. Many merchants do not know how to maintain and maintain the light boxes, so that the service life of the light boxes is drastically reduced. The maintenance and maintenance of the light box, the first to extend the service life of the light box is storage. Because the LED of the LED backlight mold should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment. The general storage temperature is -40℃- +100℃, and the relative humidity is below 85%. This places higher requirements on the outer packaging of the light box. If the light box is placed in a colder environment, this factor must be considered. In cities with more rain, you should also pay attention to the waterproof performance of the light box, take measures to prevent waterlogging, and increase the service life of the light box. Then there is cleaning

When cleaning the light box, be very careful. The light box made by some LED light box manufacturers is not waterproof and easy to seep water. LED lamps cannot be cleaned with unknown chemical liquids, because that may damage the LED resin surface and even cause colloidal cracks.



When installing the LED backlight module, do not push, squeeze, or press the components on the module to avoid damage to the components and affect the overall effect. In order to prevent the connecting wire from easily falling off the wire seat, the wire seat is designed with barbs. If it is inconvenient to insert, it should be withdrawn and reinserted. It must be confirmed that the cable is firmly inserted, otherwise it may fall off in the future.

The advertising light box composed of various color LED backlight modules is already the scenery of the city at night. A good LED backlight module advertising light box will bring you attention and support.


With the popularization of LED technology, the market penetration rate of LED backlight modules is gradually increasing. If you are interested in our LED lighting products, please contact us.

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