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What should be paid attention to when using single color LED neon lights?

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Every night, the dazzling array of single color LED neon lights on the city streets will make us feel the beauty that is different from the daytime, but as a kind of lighting, it is inevitable that some lamps have problems, especially the neon lights are exposed to wind and rain all day. Under the rain, so we need to pay more attention to the use problem.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of using single color LED neon lights:

(1)Installation precautions for single color LED neon light

(2)How to maintain single color LED neon lights?

(3)Precautions for designing with neon elements


(1)Installation precautions for single color LED neon light

The following points should be paid attention to when installing outdoor single color LED neon light signs.

The installation of neon single color LED neon light signs must be constructed in strict accordance with the requirements. If temporary changes are required, the design drawings of the signs must be revised to avoid hidden dangers or affect the appearance of the project.

Neon signs should be left during installation or safe operation channels for future maintenance.

The technical level of the neon sign installation must meet the technical requirements of the construction installation. The expansion bolts and embedded metal fixed components must be able to withstand the pressure of the frame, and the signs can be supported on one, two, and three sides to ensure absolute safety.

The fixed point of the neon sign frame and the expansion bolt and the welding of the frame and the embedded fixed component must be reliable, and special anti-rust treatment must be carried out. The high and low voltage lines are properly arranged.

Before the formal lighting, ensure that all components are safe and functioning normally.

single color LED neon lights

In the final, during the neon lamp installation process, everyone must pay attention to the firmness of the components, the safety of the personnel and the third party, to prevent failures, use and damage hidden dangers, after the lights are turned on, pay attention to the local use of the lamps and transformers. Try to resolve the noise.


(2)How to maintain single color LED neon lights?

The installed single color LED neon lights should also be maintained.

First of all, it is necessary to set over-current protection for each led neon light, and protect the neon light and make it work stably by setting over-current protection.

Use chemicals to clean led neon lights with special care, because some chemicals can damage the surface of the colloid, so we recommend using ethanol for wiping and dipping, but the time should not exceed 3 minutes.

The soldering iron used for maintenance and welding of led neon lights should not exceed 30W, and the tip temperature should not exceed 300°C. The soldering time should be controlled below 3 seconds as far as possible, and the soldering position should be at least 2 mm apart from the colloid.

Moisture-proofing neon lights is actually to build a waterproof lampshade. You only need to keep regular inspections. If you find any problems, you need to replace them in time.

(3)Precautions for designing with neon elements

Neon color first emerged in the 1980s. It revived with the popularity of modern retro style and flat design. Although it has retro attributes, it is essentially a bolder and more eye-catching modern style design. The neon color is interesting, but your content should match it so that it looks the same.

Neon colors are interesting, don't be limited by the colors you create, try more and adjust more. Common neon colors are neon green, neon yellow and neon pink. Explore among these colors and find inspiration in the neon lights of the real world.

You need to explore naturally. Neon color should be natural, if you use it for the purpose of using neon color, sometimes it may not be able to achieve the effect. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that neon colors do not necessarily conform to everyone's taste and follow the trend, but natural design is more important.

You can try neon colors in the background! Neon color is bold and bright, it will make your ordinary life more interesting. The neon color background can well enhance the visual experience of other elements on the screen, and even create a certain sense of hierarchy. Use neon colors in the background, paying particular attention to whether the depth and brightness of the colors are overwhelming.

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