We focus on the manufacturing of Led module/led strip/led neon/led plant growth light.
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In order to satisfy customer's request, we support small quantity sample. not limit MOQ, and custome your product special requirements.   We have long time for quality warranty. And aftersale team.  


We are Shenzhen Huayang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

We are a professional manufacturer of LED modules, LED light bar manufacturers.
Shenzhen Huayang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Longhua District Guanlan Town, Dafu Road, Mantong industrial city. Founded in 2012, specializing in the production of LED advertising light source.

The company is committed to LED advertising light source: LED modules, LED strip light and other products of the production and sales. Product development, innovation.

Product quality, service is the first thing, the efficiency of the first concept, the company focused on the development of a number of backbone forces.
The company's products are as follows: outside injection led module with lens, flexible led strip& led neon plastic injection module, Company products are guaranteed more than 3 years, the use of high brightness, good stability of the LED chip, pay attention to product quality, sold around the world.
The company has sales business department, administrative departments, warehouse management, production departments, etc., details of the division of work.

We have participated in many professional led exhibitions and foreign exhibitions. Our products undergo professional and comprehensive quality inspections before sales, and after-sales are guaranteed, and we often communicate with customers to develop new products and customize them as clients request.Products with CE, ROHS and other formal certification.
Shenzhen Huayang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of LED modules, LED lights.
  EMAIL: lisajiangled@163.com.
  PHONE: +86-15811829234

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