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single color LED neon light

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Every night, the dazzling array of single color LED neon lights on the city streets will make us feel the beauty that is different from the daytime, but as a kind of lighting, it is inevitable that some lamps have problems, especially the neon lights are exposed to wind and rain all day.



What is the difference between single color LED strip light and single color LED neon light?

LED strip light is roughly divided into two types: single color LED strip light with a fixed color and Single color LED neon light. The latter can produce a variety of colors.



What is a single color LED neon light?

With the advancement of technology and the change of lifestyle, everyone wants to enjoy a movie-like experience at home, office or any entertainment venue. For them, the best choice is to use single color LED neon lights.



What are the types of single color LED neon lights?

When night falls, the buildings on the streets are lit up with colorful neon lights. Almost every city’s downtown is full of neon signs, and Times Square in New York City is famous for its neon luxury.



How to hang single color LED neon lights?

The prosperity of the city is inseparable from the single color LED neon lights at night. Speaking of the night view of the city, the most attractive thing for photographers is probably the colorful neon on the street. How to hang bright neon lights?



How to fix single color LED neon lights?

Single color LED neon lights have high practical value and appreciation value in modern decoration. Can produce noble, gorgeous, beautiful and pleasing advertisements. Moderate cost, many varieties, and durability, so it is widely used.

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