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Led Controller

Top quality led controller used for led lights

Touch type led single controller dimmer

Product advantages

For Module

1.Integrated injection molding for a high level of water resistance.

2.Large Angle Optical lens design, uniform light, suitable
for advertising lenses of various heights.

3.Large chip LED light, to achieve high light efficiency,
high brightness requirements, can save materials for customers

4.The module use of fireproof ABS material injection molding,
to protect the safety of advertising signs

For Led Neon

Pure silicon gel body to keep color for many years,
1cm free cutted to save material and easy to install.


Used in acrylic characters, acrylic light boxes, 3D billboards and other indoor and outdoor led lighting projects

With the evolution of Led products, more and more advertising industry prefers to use led module this product to make different advertising signs and outdoor large advertising light boxes.……
Eye-catching store signs can attract consumers' attention more, and give consumers a fresh shopping experience, we have different colors of Led module, can make a variety of store signs……
Usually, the external wall of the shopping mall will show the various brands owned by the majority of consumers, which often uses Led module to make brand signs, so that consumers can……
Neon signs are suitable for different occasions, shopping malls, homes, restaurants and various places.


Is it ok to print our own logo on it?

Yes, please inform us of the logo you want to print in advance.

How do you ship the goods and how long does it take?

We usually ship by DHL, TNT, UPS, or FedEx.  It will need 3-5 days to arrive. Shipping by airline or sea is also an alternative.

Do you have any MOQ limit for led light?

Depend on your demand.

Can I have sample(s) to test?

Yes, we are glad to provide samples to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

Are you an manufacturer or trading company?

We are a professional led module/led neon light manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China.

Can you make an installation guide for your led product according to our engineering requirements?

Yes, you just need to provide your requirements and installation drawings, and we can give you installation suggestions.

Can you give us a recommendation about your led product?

Yes, you just need to provide a detailed description of your project, and we can recommend you the right products according to your needs.

What is the MOQ?

There is no minimum limit, depending on your real needs, you can test a small number of samples to decide whether to purchase.

Do you want our products to bring more effect to your work? Please send inquiry here