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Scheme class table

Example on square lighting box signs to show how to intsall led module

With the evolution of Led products, more and more advertising industry prefers to use led module this product to make different advertising signs and outdoor large advertising light boxes.……
Eye-catching store signs can attract consumers' attention more, and give consumers a fresh shopping experience, we have different colors of Led module, can make a variety of store signs……
Usually, the external wall of the shopping mall will show the various brands owned by the majority of consumers, which often uses Led module to make brand signs, so that consumers can……
This sample installation diagram for customers to install reference, basic can understand the installation of examples. If you have any other questions, please consult in detail.
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Application scenarios

Led Module

Application field to large advertising signage letters 

Led strip

Application field to large advertising light box 

Led neon

Application field to large advertising neon letters and neon advertisment