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Scheme class table

Example on square lighting box signs to show how to intsall led module

With the evolution of Led products, more and more advertising industry prefers to use led module this product to make different advertising signs and outdoor large advertising light boxes.……
Eye-catching store signs can attract consumers' attention more, and give consumers a fresh shopping experience, we have different colors of Led module, can make a variety of store signs……
Usually, the external wall of the shopping mall will show the various brands owned by the majority of consumers, which often uses Led module to make brand signs, so that consumers can……
Neon signs are suitable for different occasions, shopping malls, homes, restaurants and various places.
Led neon is also suitable for decoration in large shopping malls, adding a sense of design to the mall, upgrading the grade of the entire mall and attracting the majority of consumers
After work, people often spend their leisure time in bars, music bars or parties with friends. These places usually need to create some comfortable and lazy environment. Led neon is suitable for the decoration of these places, and can produce a variety of different shapes of fonts and pictures to create a relaxed atmosphere.
As the public has higher and higher requirements for the living environment, more and more led outdoor decorations are used. For example, warm light or colored Led neon are used in parks, ……
Soft light led neon has been completely suitable for family atmosphere decoration, can be directly installed on the roof or wall corner, or make small neon letters, hanging on the wall, colored light strips make the whole room or living room more and more atmosphere, give people a relaxed mood, increase the interest of life.
Our led flexible light strips have high brightness and uniform light efficiency, which is also suitable for advertising companies, and can usually be used to make large light boxes and mini small Led light characters.
Similarly, Led flexible light strip, which can be installed in office buildings, warm white light, making all corners of the hall more concise and advanced.
The Led flexible light strip can be used in the panel light, and its light is uniform and easy to install. Suitable for making indoor lighting fixtures.
Led flexible light strip, installed in the bedroom, emitting a soft light, so that the bedroom is more hazy and comfortable, let people relax, rest feel comfortable.
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Application scenarios

Led Module

Application field to large advertising signage letters 

Led strip

Application field to large advertising light box 

Led neon

Application field to large advertising neon letters and neon advertisment